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Biography Acetre

Created in 1976, Acetre is one of those groups that we have been listening to for years and we are always thrilled by its magical melodies and the perfect synchronization of all its instruments. We are facing one of the most veteran and emblematic groups in the folk panorama of Extremadura and its music is essential to understand the trajectory of folk music in recent years both within its region and in the rest of Spain. In this post we will count the biography of Acetre, its concerts and discography.

If you are wondering what is the meaning of Acetre, we will tell you that a Acetre is a small cauldron or bucket where the holy water is carried, although it can also be called Acetre to the vessel to draw water from the jars or wells.

Musical creation and renovation on a rich traditional base are joined to their long experience as musicians, to succeed in an instrumental and vocal quality gear capable of opening New Horizons within the musics inspired by the traditional roots.

Its place of origin, Olivenza (Badajoz) gives the characteristic “bicultural” in a way so spontaneous and simple that could only be explained knowing born from the essential, from the base of the vital learning. Thus, in their interpretations they combine perantones, pindongos, festive tunes or Extremaduran Alboran, with the Verdegaios, Fados or Corridiños Portuguese.

A well-tapped combination that results in one of the most exquisite sounds within what we now understand as a renewed tradition. His artistic philosophy is part of feeling the music as an inherited language to which they bring their particular semantics, to interpret it with an indisputable bravery and vocal beauty, with an instrumentation that is coded with subtle harmonies and compositions that welcome Old melodies with an important dose of experimentation that opens new paths to the root music.

In this video we can see Acetre playing Alborada de Jarramplas at the Teatro Romano in Mérida in 2011, without a doubt a work of art that we personally love for the magic it transmits.

Acetre discography

Extremadura en la frontera (1985)

Ramapalla (1987)

Acetre (1989)

De Maltesería (1994)

Canto de Gamusinos (1999)

Barrunto (2003)

Dehesario (2007)

Arquitecturas Rayanas (2011)

Edipo Rey B.S.O. (2015)

Aniversario (2017)

Acetre Components

Antonio Leyras, bajo | Ana Jiménez, voz | Laura Ferrera, violín | Ana Márquez, voz | Inés Romero, acordeón | Paco Croche, percusiones | Fran González, batería | Víctor Asensio, flautas, gaita extremeña y clarinete | José-Tomás Sousa, guitarra acústica, composición y dirección.

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