Amalgama delves into the musical roots of our vehicular language: Castilian, and its influence on the world. Amalgam (2003) is a consolidated group, different and multicultural with music of our roots (music of the three cultures like the Peninsular music, the Sephardic and Andalusian with nuances of the Mediterranean (Greek, Turkish) the island music or the music of South America.

Our music has been forged with the peoples we have lived with (Vacceos, Romans, Celts, Iberians, Sephardic, Arabs…). Part of this music travels the world because of the expulsions of Jews and Moorish. The settlers also take it to South America, along with our language.

Our folk band recovers these musics in Castilian extended by the world, enriches them with all our instrumentation (more than 30 acoustic instruments from several countries: Canary Timple, charango, cuatro Venezuelan, mandolin, lute, bandurria, Hindu Pepa, flute Sweet, violin, viola, Rabel, Spoons, Guacharaca, tambourines: The square of Leon, that of Peñaparda, that of Portugal and that of the Cerrato, Bendhir, guitar, spoons, curtain, stick of rain, tar, Riq, Crotalus, oud, mandolins, Bombo Legüero, d ‘ Jenbé, Darbuca…).

This is a true living museum, with historical presentations with a pleasant touch of humour, so that this journey in search of our roots is an unforgettable experience for all audiences. It is also intended with this innovation of folk an approach to youth and children so that our musical roots are not lost.

Last year we presented our album: “A Journey to our roots” by various points of our Spanish geography. A great record work with 18 themes, a graphic design worked with poems, illustrations and historical research on each theme.

Amalgama disco