Ambulancia Irlandesa


Ambulancia Irlandesa is a Spanish folk-fusion music band. It was founded in Granada, Andalusia (Spain), in 1997 beginning to interpret traditional Celtic style music. Since then it has evolved into a more eclectic style, which brings together influences that encompass rock, blues, jazz, flamenco, country and funky, as well as traditional music from around the world, such as Eastern Europe or the Arab world.


Since Ambulancia Irlandesa was born, back in 1997, they have made five record recordings, the result of constant work and evolution: (Irish Ambulance, 2000; Badulaque Zoo, 2002; The Carnival of the Cats, 2005; Daily Paradox, 2012 and Envero, 2015), as well as several singles and models, all with compositions of the group (except very rare exceptions). In addition, his tireless activity in the scenarios has taken them throughout the country and to participate in the main festivals of the Nation:

  • 27th International Session of the European Parliament of young people.
  • 1st ANNUAL Irish MUSIC & CULTURAL FESTIVAL organized by Irish Association of Spain (Málaga).
  • International FESTIVAL Parapanda FOLK 1999, 2006 and 2015.
  • Rock Festival Zaidín (Granada).
  • I Festival of Folk Music of Navelgas (Asturias).
  • 16th edition of the Salobreña Trends Festival (Granada).
  • Television program “The Night Moves” of canal Sur, broadcast throughout Andalusia and its international channel.


Antonio Monleón – flute and Chorus.

Nicolás Ortiz – violin, mandolin, lute and voice.

Tente Marquez – guitars, percussion and chorus.

Óscar Musso – trombone, lute, banjo, keyboard and percussion.

Javier Utrabo – bass and chorus.

Dani Cuenca – drums and percussions.