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Carlos Núñez is an internationally renowned musician, Piper and flute player. He was born in the city of Vigo, specifically in Pontevedra, in the year 1971, a city that not only saw him born but also where he took his first steps as a musician. From an early age he began to stand out as a flute and with only 8 years began to take the first steps in certain instruments such as Galician bagpipe, and in a very short time reached great successes.

From childhood study at the Conservatory of Madrid in which he stood out for his quality and also to stand out with the flute of Pico. Also from a very young age he was part of the soundtrack of some films, highlighting the Treasure Island, this time he participated with a musical group called the seventh Chieftain.

He progressively devoted himself to the study of Celtic music incessantly, and was so much his passion that he is currently considered an expert in this type of music. Not only is he passionate about bagpipes and Celtic music but his studies go much further, because he has always investigated the origins and the fusion that encompasses this music.


Carlos Nuñez began in the world of music since he was very young, this great artist, descendant of writers devoted his life and his youth to music, after many collaborations was not until the year 1996 when he published his first Celtic album titled “A Irmandade das Estrelas”, with which it was very successful, and in which it showed the Galician music autochthonous. After the first album many more were followed in which, like the previous one, they also gave many successes to the interpreter.

The second album, called “Os Amores Libres”, was released in the year 1999. In this work was left to see one side of the most traditional artist to the Galician music that saw him born, and is that in this album were included themes that had a flamenco touch fused with the Galician music that so much highlights of the rest.

In the year 2000 goes on sale the disc Piper Mayo Longo, at this time Carlos was a musician and more outstanding with this album was able to collect the fruits sown of the two previous discs.

In the 2003 is published Fisterra souls, being a disc that not only was launched in Spain, but also in parallel was presented in France. Some of the fragments of this album were composed and created in France and had great collaborators.

The albums of Gaita of this Carlos Nuñez more relevant are the three that we mentioned above, but parallel to these also I edit the contents of his songs to present them in formats of CD and of DVD, and also other so many unpublished compositions in which Highlights, Alborada do Brasil of the year 2009, Cinema do Mar version of 2005 and 2007 and Inter Celtic 2014.

Muñeira de Chantada-then we see Carlos Nuñez along with the Chieftains interpreting the piece Muñeira of Chantada.  The leader of the Chieftains (Paddy-Loney) called it the seventh chieftain at the time

Carlos Núñez’s musical Hits

There are many songs that Carlos Núñez has created for the enjoyment of his followers, but the most iconic and representative are those that are included in his bagpipe discs, but also belong to him great successes not only in solitary but also with great Collaborators. The most outstanding successes of this composer’s Celtic music are the ones we name below.

From the album Os Amores libres come off three great successes that released this artist as soloist and emblem of Galician music and bagpipes, Lavandeira da Noite with Jigs & Bulls and Viva La Quinta Brigade.
From album Mayo Longo were much more the successes that gave renown to this artist, since it was not only highlighted in Spain but in other corners of the world for his great talent, the successes are, Aires of Pontevedra, Pasacorredoiras, the Well of Aran, Nana of rain , and the moon says hello.

Other hits:

  • Negra sombra.
  • Títulos finales.
  • The three pipers .
  • An dro.
  • Para Vigo me voy.
  • A irmandade das estrelas.
  • Galician Caro.l
  • Amanecer
  • Lela
  • Mambo, entre muchas otras.

Musical collaborators of Carlos Núñez

Carlos Núñez has been largely suited to lend great collaborations to different artists, who are increasingly versatile the characters who lends their musical assistance, which makes accustomed to mergers and these initiatives enrich it As a musician, because for him the collective creations are the one that make the artist great. The most outstanding musicians who have formed collaborations with Carlos Núñez are:

  • Jackson Browne
  • Ry Cooder
  • Matto Congrio
  • The Chieftains
  • Sinead O’Connor
  • Roger Hodgson
  • Compay Segundo
  • Alejandro Amenábar

Since the beginning, Carlos Nuñez has been an international artist, since he tends to hypnotize not only the audience but also those who recently listen to his music, his concerts arouse great interest in different parts of the world, so he has Made tours around the world, among which the following countries stand out:

  • United States
  • México
  • France
  • Spain

Musical recognition to Carlos Núñez

With its traditional Spanish, Galician and Asturian music, this artist has conquered different parts of the world in which he leaves in all the high the city from where it comes besides that it lets see the roots of its culture together with the magic of its singular bagpipes , this coupled with the great successes that has been reaping with the different songs coming from his discs and his collaborations with outstanding artists, has led him to receive great recognitions not only of the public but also of different organizations.

  • Therefore in the year 2017 is awarded the Distinguished Vigo Award
  • In 2013 he also earned a prize called Castelao Medal
  • For the year 2016 is also recognized with the award Agapito Marazuela
  • A recognition no less important is obtained in the year 2012 when it is decorated with the button of the peace of the Bolivarian Society
  • Unearte Honorary Master’s is also one of his achievements.
  • In 2010 he was awarded the order of the Salias brothers.
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