fernando barroso

Fernando Barroso

Fernando Barroso is a Galician musician, composer and producer, born in Ferrol in 1979. PhD in Chemistry-Physics from the University of Vigo in 2010, since 2011 is dedicated exclusívamente to music production and participation in different musical projects in Galicia.

He has been part of TRIM and the bands Riobó and Budiño, and has collaborated with artists of the stature of Anxo Lorenzo, Xabier Díaz or Julio Pereira. He was also part of the legendary paratraditional band Ferrol Os Cempés during his last stage, also co-founder of the international Assembly Point Trio with Eoghan Neff and Luís Peixoto. With the latter he has co-produced other works such as POP (2013) or TRIM (2014), in addition to producing discs for other artists (Andrés Penabad, RIU, Wanderer…).

In 2016 he was also part of the Creative Nexus Laboratory, led by Donald Shaw, along with musicians from different countries of America and Europe. His international baggage throughout these years has led him to play in important boxes around the world, with various bands and personal projects, and that leads to the beginning of his solo career, presenting his first album Intropía in 2016 and this new work S Ilence Lovers Club – mandolin pieces, launched in January 2018. Among other awards he has recently received the “Opinion award AO Mellor artist Galego 2016”.

Silence lovers Club-mandoline pieces

Silence lovers Club – mandolin pieces is an original repertoire of twelve songs for the guitar, accompanied by the cello by Margarida Mariño. The music of this work is inspired by classical composers of other eras, as well as by current instrumentalists of different styles and places of the world. Fernando Barroso, focuses on the mandolin on this album, to compose pieces ranging from the swing/jazz, go through the Persian or Baroque music, and end up putting a foot in popular music.

Fernando Barroso and Margarida Mariño

Fernando Barroso accompanied in the upcoming concerts by the young cellist Viguesa Margarida Mariño, who has received classes from prestigious cellists such as Christophe Coin, Barbara Switalska, Asier Polo and Herre Jan Stegenga. He has also been part of different orchestras at international level, such as the Orquestra Solidaria Résonnance de Switzerland or Via dei concerti, with which he embarked on a tour of Italy, the Vatican, France and Spain. He is currently the titular musician of the Vigo 430 Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble Galeria and the Treme duo, recently awarded the Músicaxove Award for the best Galician Band 2015.