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The Folk band Korrontzi (País Vasco, 2004) was created by Agus Barandiaran, Trikitilari of the band. Its purpose is to give the ancestral and traditional sounds of the Basque Country a contemporary aspect, but always within the scope of a music based on the Trikitixa (Basque diatonic accordion) and other ethnic instruments such as txalaparta or Alboka, all this Also Accompanied by modern technique, with the help and the union of the most modern instruments: mandolin, guitar, bass, electrical work and percussion.

Korrontzi has published six albums throughout his twelve years on stage. The last one is a CD-DVD with the name of “Korrontzi Dantzan”, a project that collects the sounds of his last years, many collaborators and the best dancers of the Basque Country.

During these years, Korrontzi has carried its culture, language, dance and music all over the world, visiting different countries and festivals like Belgium, USA, Romania, Cape Verde, Ireland, Brazil, Malaysia, Greece, Italy,… And they have been awarded prizes and mentions as “World music Charts 2014”, “World music Charts 2015” or “best European Band, Eurofolk”.

In short, Korrontzi is a group of Basque music that leaves no one indifferent, with its strength and energy is able to transmit from the sounds of ancient times to the new trends in folk.

Korrontzi Dantzan

Korrontzi Dantzan is the sixth album of the Saga Korrontzi, book, CD and DVD. Certain songs of Korrontzi have been inspiration for the dances created exclusively with the music of Korrontzi by reputed choreographers like Edu Muruamendiaraz, Jon Maya Sein, Igor Yebra, Izaskun Iturri, Arkaitz pascuas and Nagore de las Cuevas, Oinkari Dantza Taldea, Eneko Gil Alberdi. This album collects these songs and dances that has gathered many musicians, dancers, dance teacher, video director, photographers, various cultural workers, for the preparation of Korrontzi Dantzan, created and directed by Agus Barandiarán. The whole achieved is a high-level job. In the DVD you can see all these dances, but it has a didactic component as it teaches to learn some of the choreographies. As the spectacle enters by the view, the DVD is the lighthouse of this sixth disc, Lighthouse for dancers, lighthouse for Korrontzi.

Korrontzi Dantzan is a project whose production has been devised and directed by Agus Barandiarán. The CD-DVD has been recorded from the 22nd to the 27th of September of 2015 in the Sala Olalde de.


Agus Barandiarán: Trikitixas and main voice
Ander Hurtado de Saratxo: Txalaparta, percussions and drums
Enrique Mora: electric bass, electric low and chorus
Alberto Rodríguez: guitar, mandolin, mandolin and choruses

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