radio cos

Radio Cos

Radio Cos, a famous pandereteros that made Galician music evolve in a natural way. Xurxo Fernandes and Quique pawn, singers and percussionists of Radio Cos, are two references in the field of ethnographic research in Galicia that have evolved Galician music from the root in a natural way. After the success of the first album, Radio Cos (2013), revolving around a multitude of European festivals, are selected by Folk in Roots magazine in the ranking of the best records of the year. They also enter the prestigious list World charts Music of musical successes that same year, and they are official group of the Womex 2016.

Radio Cos has been traveling for almost nine years in Belgium, England, Scotland, Brittany and Galicia, transmitting its way of understanding our traditional music. The band is also formed by three prestigious Galician musicians who are in charge of the accordion (Xan Pampín), bagpipe and tenor sax (Pedro Lamas) and violin (Nikolay Velikov).

In Pasatempo, his new work continues in the endeavor of visualize the traditional songs of Galicia, repertoire that is the result of his intense work of field research, Interpretándolas and bringing to our days without renouncing to mix with other Sister traditions from other parts of the world.

This second album and its title are inspired by the “Parque do Pasatempo “, a forerunner of the theme parks located in Betanzos, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. His promoters and builders, the Garcia brothers, wanted to capture in this architectural work an infinity of details about their innumerable voyages around the world. This same idea is pursued by Radio Cos, twinning in this album The cultures with which they have maintained a contact through their musical journeys. The melodies used in this project belong to his archive of recordings of field, work that have been doing for more than thirty years.


Henrique Pawn: Percussion and voice
Nicolay Velikov: Violin
Xan Pampín: accordion
Pedro Lamas: Soprano sax and bagpipes
Xurxo Fernandes: Percussion and vocals