Rosa Cedrón

Rosa Cedrón

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Rosa Cedrón is an artist, singer and cellist born in Lugo in 1972. Her passion for music was instilled in her family, who also have a great passion for music. Rosa Cedrón spent a great part of her childhood in La Coruña, beginning to dedicate time and true interest in music to her at the age of 8, which led her to study music at the conservatory until she discovered at the age of 10 that the cello is her true passion and vocation. From that moment on, Rosa Cedrón began to dedicate all her effort and dedication to her cello, which made her join the Municipal Chamber Orchestra of La Coruña and the Municipal Band of the same city. Later on, she started to work as a teacher at the Conservatoire in Ferrol.

Luar na Lubre

Luar na Lubre invited Rosa Cedrón to collaborate in a concert commemorating the group’s tenth anniversary, which was held at the Rosalía de Castro Theatre in La Coruña and which Rosa Cedrón gladly accepts and performs live. Later on, Rosa officially joins the group. The initial idea that Luar na Lubre had was that Rosa would be the group’s cellist, but by the idea of her brother Javier Cedrón (violinist of Luar na Lubre at that time), Rosa became part of the band as a singer.

Rosa Cedrón, due to the amount of time generated by her commitment with Luar na Lubre, decides to give up her job as a teacher and focus on body and soul to her group, and especially to sing, getting to train professionally in this facet something unknown to her but that hooked her from the first moment. She herself went so far as to say that she would sing until she lost her voice.

Mike Oldfield put his eyes on her talent and contacted her to collaborate in the recording of his album “Tubular Bells III” and in the world premiere held in 1998 in London. Luar na Lubre, together with Mike Oldfiel, made his national tour, which helped him achieve total recognition from the public and the specialized press.

Rosa Cedrón stayed with Luar na Lubre for 9 years while she collaborated in parallel projects with artists such as Barbería del Sur, Banda Sonoar de Blanca Madison or Ilegal. All these collaborations consecrated her as a talented and chameleonic artist who knows how to adapt to any style. Rosa Cedrón decided to learn theater from the recording of the film dedicated to Luar na Lubre’s career “Un bosque de Música”.

Entre dous mares (2007)

Rosa Cedrón, like many artists who start from a group, decides in 2005 to undertake a new solo career and abandons the discipline of Luar na Lubre. In 2007 she released her first album with the Warner label as “Entre dous mares”, with which she sold many copies and undertook an extensive tour of Spain, Europe and Latin America.


Rosa Cedrón has carried out important collaborations, such as the participation in the show “Night of the Proms” with Mike Oldfield, the interpretation of the Galician Anthem with the National Orchestra of Cuba in the Gran Teatro de la Habana (Cuba) or the collaboration with Antonio Placer in “Cancionista” with which he toured the whole continent. He also collaborated with the Galician artist “Cristina Pato” on the occasion of her album “The Galician Connection”.

Soas (Rosa Cedrón and Cristina Pato)

Rosa Cedrón and Cristina Pato undertake a parallel project called “Soas”, which they released in 2018, and in which you can see the great connection between these two great national and international folk artists. Among their songs are both their own compositions and Galician classics of classical music. They decide to record an album called “Muller” which is a success for traditional Galician music. This album is composed of 14 songs in which the outstanding conductor Octavio Vázquez participates coordinating the arrangements for the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Rosa Cedrón and Cristina Pato come to perform “Negro Varaval” in the AIE’s tribute to Plácido Domingo.

Nada que perder (2016)

In 2016 Rosa Cedrón releases her album “Nada que perder” (Nothing to lose), in which you can contemplate the main features of World Music, achieving her own personal style that has resulted in great recognition from the public.


Luar na Lubre, Plenilunio. 1997

Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells. 1998

Luar na Lubre, Cabo do mundo. 1999

Mike Oldfield, LIVE TB  II y III DVD. 1999

Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells III DVD. 1999

La Barbería del Sur, Una noche en el séptimo. 2000

Luar na Lubre, XV aniversario. 2001

Luar na Lubre, Espiral. 2002

Luar na Lubre, Hai un paraíso. 2004

Antonio Placer, Cancionista. 2006

Rosa Cedrón, Entre dous mares. 2007

Antonio Placer, Atlantiterráneo. 2008

Rosa Cedrón e Cristina Pato SOAS, Muller. 2010

Cristina Pato, The Galician Connection. 2010

Homenaje 50 aniversario The Beatles. 2010

The Cornelius, Walking in Circles. 2013

Astarot, Séptimo Pecado. 2013

Rosa Cedrón, Paco Lodeiro, Sito Sedes, Cantando a Galicia. 2013

Daniel Minimalia, Arenas de luna. 2014

Mosquera Celltic Band, Outlander. 2015

David Clavijo, From the Depths. 2016

Rosa Cedrón, Nada que perder. 2016

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