Calum Stewart

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Calum Stewart is an emblematic Scottish music artist who has been recognized around the world as a fundamental piece of Scottish traditional music. He has been able to break frontiers through music and the various instruments he plays. This undoubtedly accredits him as one of the most complete artists who fuse both modern and traditional music in a single piece.

Who is Calum Stewart?

This composer musician of Irish origin was born in 1982 in Scotland, United Kingdom and from a very young age he dedicated himself to the traditional music of his country. He comes from Morayshire, a small town in the northernmost part of Scotland.

This artist comes from a family nucleus that dedicates itself in certain way to the music, which without a doubt Calum Stewart inherited and knew how to put into practice all those musical teachings that he learned at home. He is an expert on the Irish bagpipe, the tin whistle, as well as the bass whistle.

Of this artist we can emphasize that he plays different musical instruments especially the bass flute, the Irish flute and Uileann’s pipes. His many compositions stand out not only because of his incredible and powerful voice, but also because they are charged with Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish and British traditions.

He has also collaborated with different orchestras, as well as solo artists who are dedicated to traditional music. The music of this escoses is a piece of the cultures and traditions that still remain alive and latent in this part of the world.

Main collaborations

One of the most outstanding aspects of Calum Stewart are undoubtedly the many collaborations he has carried out during his career as an artist and composer. He has played his instruments for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the London Symphony Orchestra; as well as for Nitin Sawhney and on many occasions accompanies the renowned guitarist Heikki Bourgault, of whom he is a close friend.

Of the many other collaborations he makes we can highlight the ones he has been doing since 2014, with the band of Angelo Kelly, a group to which he also belongs. In addition to accompany the tours of Irish Christmas and Irish Summer.

He has constantly collaborated with Scottish singer and musician Lauren Maccoll, with whom he not only plays but also has a joint album. Another outstanding collaboration is with the artist Gareth Davies-Jones.

But as a soloist he also has great success because the demand he has as an artist at recording level is very high. Annually he has a series of concerts that makes him travel around the world, taking his traditional music to many corners.

Media opinion towards the artist

The particular voice of this artist has made that innumerable mass media have reviewed in diverse articles the quality of the same one, very characteristic of the region where it comes. This unique piper has been so successful in a short time and therefore many artists want to collaborate with him, especially those dedicated to traditional music.

The BBC, Scottish radio reviews that this artist is a player with class and that his music is so pure that it travels the world in a dizzying way. For its part, the Irish Music Magazine states that he is an outstanding musician with exceptional virtues and his instruments are like listening to the mountain air.

The newspaper The Living Tradition, tells of the artist who is an outstanding musician and who can certainly be considered one of the best musicians dedicated to Scottish traditional music.
And Radio Folk has said that this modern piper musician despite being immersed in traditional music has managed to break boundaries to carry their melodies and can be considered a positive influence of music.

Main songs and albums

Calum Stewart has performed under the baton of different record companies with which he has recorded different musical albums. His 2008 album, Earlywood and Cuentos del Norte, which was released in mid-20017, stands out above all; both of them he recorded alone.

But at the same time it also has an extensive discography of albums recorded in collaboration with other artists:

In 2010, he records with Heikki Bourgault the album Legba Prod.
And in 2014 under the tutelage of Full spate music, recorded Hunters Moon.
In collaboration he has also made multiple collaborations of which include the creation of faith records that would be in charge of Calum Stewart and Lauren MacColl in 2012, where the instruments are the main protagonists, the wooden flute and violin.
Also in 2012 is part of the recording of Gareth Davies-Jones, with Heading West Musica, which is called North By East.
In 2011 it appears as part of the musical recording Manran in the Records of Manran and also in the collaboration of Jamie Smiths in 2015 entitled Windblown, in the Easy on the Records.
And the most recent collaboration has been recorded in a recording studio called Electrola, and was in 2018 with Angelo Kelly. The piece is called Irish Heart, which highlights the marked roots of these two artists.
There are many songs of great quality that can show the arduous and significant work of this artist that have been impregnated with traditional Scottish music, bagpipes and Celtic strokes. But of all of them, the most significant and brilliant musical pieces that we can mention are undoubtedly the following:

Am Monadh Ruadh.
Lasses of Stewarton.
Looking at a Rainbow Through a Dirty.
The angels Share.

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