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Flook is a traditional Irish music band that led for many years good Irish music and toured many countries taking with them the instrumental notes of the flute, bagpipe, guitar and bass, among other instruments.

With these instruments, Flook gets a dream music that managed to capture fans in every corner of the planet. For more than 13 years he went on stage accompanying many other artists of this genre to impart traditional Irish instrumental music.


This band was founded in 1995 to dedicate itself to instrumental music, the group is of Anglo-Saxon and Irish origin. The musicians and founding members are:

Sarah Allen who is in charge of bringing the accordion flute to life.
Ed Boyd who plays guitar and bouzouki.
John Joe Kelly in charge of the mandolin.
Brian Finnegan who plays the Irish flute and replaced Michael McGoldrick on the same instrument who resigned from the band shortly after.


Since its inception the band was called Three Nation Flutes, and two years later with the departure of the group of one of its members, the band changes its name to Fluke. This name had to be changed due to legal issues, since at that time there was a group with the same name and that’s how a little later they would be called Flook.

The band that fuses notes of Celtic music and traditional music from their country of origin traveled around the world playing on various stages, bringing the incredible Irish music to many souls.

But after 13 uninterrupted years of concerts and music this traditional band announced its retirement in 2009 after issuing a statement where in addition to giving the news thanked all fans of the band for the support received in the years of arduous tours and concerts.

A curious and very significant fact about the band is that in 2007 they participated in the international festival of the Celtic world of Ortiguerira. In the Galician festival they gave a great show and in this way they opened their wings to many other people who did not know their music yet, thus expanding their horizons.

One of the drawbacks that the band had to face shortly after its creation was the departure of one of its founding members Michael McGoldrick who had other projects in mind. But this was only an opportunity for the band as they later integrate another musician who comes to consolidate the typical notes.

Damien O´Kane was the last member recruited by the band, who was in charge of playing the bass and tenor guitar, giving a subtle change to the new songs composed. This new change gave the band another perspective in which they highlighted certain instrumental sounds that had not previously been perceived, but still maintained the traditional essence of the group.


They have four albums that have been recorded in recording studios, which are:

Flook Live in the year 1996 shortly after its creation.
The flatfish that was recorded in 1999.
Then in 2012 the group materialized its third album entitled
and in 2005 they recorded their last great album called Para su último disco they integrated another musician to accompany them in notes different from the traditional ones.
Within the four albums recorded by the band include a number of very particular songs, one better than the other, but for lovers of traditional music all the compositions of this group are very innovative songs despite maintaining their traditional side so characteristic that Irish and Scottish music have, here we can mention a few songs that are very important to the group Flook.

Flook Ortigueira of the year 2011
Wrong Foot Forward from the 2005 Haven album
Sligo Reel that belongs to the album recorded in 1999 Flatfish.

The band Essence

The name Flook that kept this Irish band after its creation comes from the word of Irish origin fliuch that in Spanish means rainy or wet, that singular name gave the band a touch of mystery and creativity, this group has been one of the most important in Ireland, as it took traditional music to all parts of the world, this mixed band was an essence that fused the English and Irish roots.

They are characterised by an imposing mix of different styles, of which the traditional Irish style stands out as well as Breton music with fusions with Eastern European music. But many of their songs contain adaptations of melodies that compose Scottish bagpipes.

After band dissolution

When the band came to an end due to the announced dissolution of the band, each of the members took a different course and dedicated themselves to the particular projects they had been carrying out in parallel with the band, but it was the flutist Brian Finnegan who decided to follow the same path as his old band, but this time from another group led by him, in which he maintains extensive collaborations with the musicians Ed Boyd and also Joe Kelly.

This new project maintains the essence of the old band Flook, as it is characterized by composing songs and traditional Irish music, but this time the main protagonist is the flute as an outstanding instrument, which emphasizes important melodies that are reflected in almost all the compositions of this musician, but in turn maintains collaborations of instrumental musicians who put rhythm with the guitar and bodhran.

In addition this new group formed by a member of the old band Flook has been invited to numerous festivals of traditional Irish music due to the quality of compositions they contain, which undoubtedly gives them recognition and the drive they need to achieve the success that kept the band Flook.

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