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Mumford and Sons is a Celtic band originating in the United Kingdom. It was created in 2007 by Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett. This group is characterized by mixing contemporary music with the traditional, using folk instruments such as: the banjo, the mandolin and the resonating guitar, all for the purpose of creating more current sounds and attractive to Heard.

Mumford and Sons comes from a group of bands that were increasing their visibility in west London at the same time. It was not until 2008 when the manager, Adam Tudhope, presented them with the Headhunter, Louis Bloom, who gave them a trial period of 6 months. The band passed with all the honors and got the opportunity to make an extensive tour of the United Kingdom, together with other bands that were climbing at that time.

First big performances

Mumford and Sons made their first appearance on the stage of the Glastonbry Festival in June 2008, then made small appearances in Australia, experience that helped Mumford to become the center of attention in every place they played. The first concrete project of the group was an extended reproduction disc (EP), titled Love Your Ground, launched in November 2008.

First albums of Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons has been described as a folk rock band, as they began using classic folk instruments, in addition to the basics of rock music. Its members are characterized by their energetic live performances and the changes of instruments in full concert, one of the most interesting qualities of the group is that their membership can be considered multi-instrumentalists.

Sigh No More is his first album that the successful British band premiered in 2009, using as a simple promotional “Little Lion Man“. Between 2008 and 2009 the band was dedicated to play in small locations around the UK (UK) and the United States (USA), always calling the attention of the audience for their particular way of presenting in the scenarios.

Mumford and Sons got media attention in 2009, the year they signed with various record companies around the world, including Glassnote records in the United States and Island records in the UK, contracts for which Sigh No More was born, a record that achieved To reach number 9 on the New Zealand lists in October 2010.

Mumford and Sons was nominated for two Grammys, as best new artist and Best Rock song, for his single “Little Lion Man”. Although he did not win in any category, the group interpreted “the Cave” at the ceremony, this shot the sales of his album and managed to increase fully in the USA. Then, “Sigh No More” won the Brit Award for Best British Album of the year, increasing its sales in the UK. In March 2011, the group had sold more than one million copies in the USA and UK.

Babel and present

Babel gives its name to its second studio album in 2013, which was launched in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand. The album managed to become the winner of a Grammy as the best record of the year. The production reached first place in the record Billboard 200 and UK albums charts. A year earlier, in 2012, British musicians made an extensive tour of the United States, that same year launched their second studio album in

Mumford and Sons is a band that had played non-stop since it was formed, the five-month hiatus, which began when they completed their world tour for the album Babel in September 2013, was their first break in almost five years. However, his decision to leave the stage was momentarily born, both of confidence and exhaustion, or of the desire to catch up with themselves. In the months leading up to the end of the tour, Marcus, Ben, Winston and Ted had spent time with Aaron Dessner of the National, recording demos in his new York garage.

Mumford and Sons released their third and last album to date, entitled Wilder Mind, was a resounding success at the international level and gives the reason to the band, was written after their break in 2013. This album released in 2015, has been his best work in terms of studio albums, but still maintain his momentum, every time they step on a stage, maintain a close relationship with their fans around the world.

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