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Nolwenn Leroy

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Nolwenn Leroy is one of the most outstanding French artists of the moment. Her international success is due to her innate talent for music, as can be seen in the quality of her music and voice. Nolwenn Leroy was born in Saint Renan, Finisterre, France, on September 28, 1982 and brought French music to cross the border of French-speaking countries. His real name is Nolwenn Le Magueresse. His music has motivated many and has made a good impression on the public through his constant dedication and good work.

Nolwenn, although still so young, has reaped many successes in his few years of artistic career, so much so that he has earned the respect of many. This is one of the most successful and best-selling singers in France, and even in 2012 a statue in her honour was unveiled at the Musée Drévin in Paris.

The talented interpreter was born in France, more specifically in Brittany. Her father was a professional football icon named Jean-Luc Le Magueresse and her mother is Muriel Leroy. Nolweenn spent part of his childhood on the Isle of France, specifically in the North-Step of Calais, although his family used to move constantly.

However, at the age of 11, since her parents had ended their marriage, she stayed living with her mother and sister in Santi Yorre. From that moment on, she began to study at the school called la Celestina de Vichy, and it was then that she showed a great interest in the violin, and later in the piano and harp.

Nolwenn Leroy was able to learn to play each of these instruments with great agility, since she was a child she had a great talent that many had begun to notice, among them her sister and her mother. Nolween showed great passion and dedication to music, and many already imagined how far she would go in the future.

In mid-1998, already a teenager, Nolwenn decided to move in a period of one year to Cincinnati (United States), since she had been presented with a great opportunity of an international exchange program to learn English, Nolweenn did not hesitate to make the most of that experience, which significantly broadened their horizons.

Later, when he returned to France after that adventure that nourished his knowledge and experiences, Nolween returned to focus on his talent: music. On this occasion he began to improve his singing skills, taking lyrical singing courses at the Vichy Conservatory, where he had already begun to learn to play the violin, piano and harp.

Many were captivated by his great voice and incredible discipline. In spite of her young age, Nolween showed how interested and dedicated she was in her music, because of it she obtained her deserved success, she has earned the affection and respect of many, who until now have continued to support her at all times, and have shown her how much they love her work.

It should be noted that, in 2001, Nolween graduated from the faculty of Clermont Ferrand, where he obtained his specialized degree in Anglo-American law, where he also showed that he wanted to continue his career, becoming a professional diplomat at the UN, or at the NGO, so he also demonstrates his great ideals and how much he wants to contribute something positive in the world, something that goes beyond music and what he has wanted to convey.

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Nolwenn Leroy was inspired by the singing teacher Armade Altai, because she admired him in the recognized television program called Star Academy, at that time, to be witness of the great talent of the teacher and the passion that she transmitted in her singing, she was impelled to begin to specialize in this medium: she wanted to take singing classes. After that decision, she left for about 6 months for Paris, the capital of her native country, where she was surprisingly selected from among many candidates to participate in Star Academy 2.

At the moment she heard the news, Nolween couldn’t believe it, especially when after a hard work she turned out to be the winner at the end of 2002. By then, Nolween had been the finalist with a girl named Houcine. Being a winner, great doors were opened in her artistic career, since her possibilities in this medium increased considerably: she began to work with artists that she herself admired, such as Lionel Ritchie, Roch Voisine, Lara Fabian, Isabelle Boulay, among others.

Also, three months after her great triumph, Nolween participated in Eurobest, and although she was not a winner, she ended up being one of the favorite participants of the jury and the public. Her talent made her shine as always, so much so that she finished second.


At the beginning of 2003, Nolween finally recorded and released her first album, called Nolween, where she was also supported with great collaborations. Immediately, this album cultivated many hits as it was positioned in the top places and managed to sell more than 600,000 copies. The single “Cassé” was the most outstanding because it had many hits, as well as Une femme cachée.

However, in 2004 she was recognized with a prize at the NRJ Musica Awards, where she stood out being named the artist Revelation Fracófona. Subsequently, she began her concerts in France, from there moving to Belgium and Switzerland.

In 2005 she released her second album called “Histoires Naturelles“, which was produced by Lauren Voulzy and Franck Eurly. This album helped her to reach third place in the best-selling copies, where she was recognized with a platinum record for having reached more than 400,000 copies sold, and even the first extract, ranked number one in sales. It was also the first time Nolween dared to write almost half of the songs on her album, which added a lot of joy and pride in herself.

In 2009 she returned with a third album called “Le Cheshire Car et moi“, where she herself supervised all the work with the singer Feroés Teitur Lassen. This album is considered by itself as the most personal, and although it did not achieve the same success as the previous ones, she felt very satisfied and grateful to her followers. Her fourth album was called “Bretonne” which was released in 2010, where there were songs in different languages.

In 2012, more specifically on November 26th, her album “O Filles de l’Eau” was released, being a hit in sales and reproductions in digital media and with great songs like “Juste Pour me Souvenir”.

Private life

The French singer is currently 36 years old and is the partner of tennis player Arnaud Clément. Her relationship is quite discreet, which was consolidated with the arrival of her first son “Marin”.

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