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OMNIA is a Dutch band created in 1996 with great international success that calls itself Pagan Folk, a style that incorporates various musical genres such as celtic punk, punk rock and Dutch classical music. As a main characteristic, the group inserts in its interpretations an interesting variation of languages, such as: German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, among others.

Omnia is a clear example of what Celtic music can be, combining various traditional styles characteristic of Celtic peoples in Western Europe. It is a type of music that is still in force and is being used by rock bands worldwide to create an endless number of interesting mixtures, together with the basic instruments of this culture, including the Bodhrán, the Gaita, the Celtic Harp, the Violin and the Buzuki.

OMNIA beginnings

OMNIA is a self-styled Neoceltic Pagan Folk band that was created in Holland by many of its current members. The multifaceted vocalist is Steve “Sic” Evans Van der Harten, who is also responsible for executing the aulos, the davul, the whistle, the bouzouki, the derbake, the harmonic flute, the doumbek and the mouth harp.

OMNIA’s second vocalist is Jennifer “Jenny” Evans Van der Harten, who also plays the harp, piano, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrán and dulcémele. Daphyd “Crow” Sens is in charge of the didjeridu and the mouth harp. The drummer and percussionist is Rob “Raido” Van Barschot, and finally, the guitarist (who replaced Joe in 2004) Satrya Karsono.

OMNIA released its first album in 2000, called “Sine Missione” did not have the backing of any record company, for his second album “Sine Missione II” (2002) accepted the representation of the firm Emmuty Records. Following this album, the band began to gain many followers around Europe and the rest of the world, all this due to his style Pagan Folk.

OMNIA Ideology

The Dutch band OMNIA maintains its belief not to cling to any record company, its members consider them to be “bloodsucking vampires” when it comes to establishing a working relationship with any group that is succeeding in its sales. On the other hand, they admit that their greatest pride will always be their fans and their Pagan Folk style.

As a main characteristic of OMNIA it is possible to mention their clothing, a mixture of different indigenous tribes with the clothes used in the Nordic countries in the past. They also frequently include artistic elements in their albums, for example: in “Alive! (2007) used parts from “Macbeth’s Tragedy”, a play by William Shakespeare, verses from “The Crow” by Edgar Allan Poe and a poem by Lewis Caroll.

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