Paddy and the Rats

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Paddy and the Rats is a Hungarian band and one of the clear examples that can have the incursion of Celtic and rock music, combining punk rock with Celtic and folk tunes. Although, in the specific case of this musical grouping it is possible to appreciate the influences of the polka (European folk dance) and the Russian music. They call their particular style “Pub n ‘ roll.”

Foundation and beginnings of Paddy and the Rats

Paddy and the Rats fuses punk rock with Celtic music. The band was founded in 2008 by its current members, leading vocalist and acoustic guitar Paddy O’Reilly.  Sam McKenzie is in charge of executing instruments such as bagpipes, Irish flute, banjo, mandolin and violin.

On the other hand, Joey MacOnkay is in charge of the electric guitar. Today, Paddy and the Rats ‘ accordion and concertina are under Bernie Bellamy’s responsibility. Also, Vince Murphy plays bass and Seamus Conelly plays as a drummer. It should be noted that all members of the band act simultaneously as showgirls.

Paddy and the rats debuted in the year 2010 with the studio album “Rats On Board”, it managed to fill the expectations of millions of fans of the Celtic punk style around the world. Then we can hear Freedom belonging to the album “Rats on Board “.

Thanks to this record production, they were awarded the second and third place of Celtic Rock Portal in the band and album categories of the Year, respectively. It is important to mention that “Rats on Board” was the most downloaded Hungarian album in 2010.

Paddy and the Rats after their debut

Hymns for Bastards” was the second album of Paddy and the Rats, launched on the market in 2011, is a creation influenced by the Jigga (an Irish dance). That same year, the band performed a concert in the A38, a renowned Hungarian ship that runs along the river Danube, this with the purpose of celebrating the third anniversary of the group and its great success at the international level.

In 2012 Paddy and the Rats released their third album, “Tales from the Docks” includes mixes of punk rock, Celtic folk and traditional Western European music. Below we can see the video of the song Ghost from the Barrow belonging to his third album “Tales from the docks “.

As a curious fact, in the single Bastards Back home You can hear the background of Sam playing “Scotland Brave”, a classic song from Scotland.

Next, the group made other record productions titled “Lonely Hearts Boulevard” (2015) and “Riot City Outlaws” in 2017.

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