Project Smok

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Proyect Smok is the new musical attempt of these two geniuses of the music: Ali Levack and Pablo Lafuente. With a wide musical knowledge and extensive and expanded careers as professional musicians, his music becomes a masterful combination between flute and guitar.

For the listeners, Ali Levack’s virtuoso flute sounds like the influence of the great winds of Jazz, as well as his roots in Scottish music. His musical style has evolved from the tradition in which he grew up, where he learned a trade as a bagpiper from the Highlands at the feet of the Masters. The domain is perfect; He dominates his instrument to infinite odds, with great capacity for improvisation and total virtuosity. The accompaniment of Levack comes from Pablo Lafuente, a rhythmic guitar style full of rhythm that perfectly complements the virtuoso flute of Levack.

Project Smok debut with their debut album “Horizon“, which will come to light in the spring of 2018. In addition to their own musical pieces, they complement their music with the bodhran of the legendary Martin O’Neill as collaborator. Its appearance reflects the collaborative aspect of Project Smok. In this recording and live concerts, the duo plans to take advantage of the connections within the Scottish folk scene, to organize a series of concerts with collaborations of various guest artists of great level, which will make it an impeccable show and Exciting. “

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