Medieval Market of Teruel

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The city of Teruel is able to transport its visitors and settlers to the 13th century through the medieval market of Teruel. An event that has been perpetuated for several years, becoming already a tradition of the region.

Organization of medieval market in Teruel

The Teruel City Council together with the Bodas de Isabel Foundation are the ones who created and maintain the organization of this legendary event. But obviously they receive a lot of collaboration from the citizens and volunteers of Aragon.

Due to the participation of these two entities we have that the market can be presented twice a year: September and February. During the last weekend in September, Diego’s departure is commemorated, while the third weekend in February is Isabel’s wedding, and it is during this time that the medieval market is installed.

What can we find in the medieval market?

As we have already commented in this city we have two dates where we can find the medieval market. In February the Wedding of Isabel de Segura is celebrated, which are catalogued as a Festival of National Tourist Interest and receive visits from thousands of people every year. During this time the streets of the city are transformed in the thirteenth century representing almost exactly the legendary history of the Lovers of Teruel.

During this particular celebration the theatrical scenes never cease. Which in turn are accompanied by the presentations of other artists, such as musicians, painters, puppets, etc.. In addition to performing plays that animate historical events, the villagers and volunteers evoke in each street the daily life of the time, which together with medieval costumes makes you feel in another world. Fortunately this is an event suitable for everyone and you can enjoy it even with the smallest of the house, the truth is that there are multiple attractions and animations for children.

In this medieval market the camps are very popular: the military camp and the almogávar and mesnadas camp. The first one takes place in the Parque de los Fueros and is nothing more than a live representation of the daily life of a 13th century military camp. Here you can see the military trainings, skills and sports events as well as enjoy some workshops such as leather and calligraphy.

The almogávar and mesnadas camp takes place in the staircase gardens, and shows the atmosphere of a mercenary camp that is just settling in the village. Therefore, in this space you will be able to observe theater scenes about trainings, riots, ordeals, prisoner sales, etc. All this is set by good classical music and its medieval place.

And if the plays are not your thing you can have fun with the various musical groups that are presented there or looking at the craft stalls that are set up in the place. Another reason to visit the medieval market would be to taste some foods inherent to the medieval period as well as typical dishes of the region.

Usually the activities begin on Thursday and culminate on Sunday of the week of celebration. During these 4 days the events program is complete from 10 am approximately until almost midnight, so you can surely find some activity that will encourage you to know the medieval market of Teruel.

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