Ana Alcaide

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Ana Alcaide was born in Madrid in 1976, perking from an early age to compose and interpret his own songs, which made her stand out within the Musical guild from a very young.

Ana Alcaide began her studies with the violin at the age of 7 studying at the Getafe Conservatory and at the University of Lund (Sweden).

Thanks to a scholarship of biology studies, in the year 2000 Ana traveled to Sweden and met the Nyckelharpa or Viola de Teclas, a traditional Swedish instrument. Attracted by its sophistication and sound depth, it began to play it in a self-taught way in the city of Toledo, far from its original tradition. Years later, in 2005, he moved to Sweden to expand his musical studies and specialize in this instrument.

During this period he also received influences from other musical traditions, beginning in the study of new instruments and his own voice. He obtained a diploma in Malmö Academy of music pursuing an individual Project in which he oriented his career towards the world’s music, combining his interest in traditional music with the learning of more modern techniques that have Allowed to create their own way as an interpreter and composer.

The result of his personal search and experimentation with the instrument, he published ‘ Viola de Teclas ‘ in the year 2006, a work that marks the beginning of his musical career and became a pioneer in the use and dissemination of nyckelharpa in Spain. His second work, ‘ like the Moon and the Sun ‘ (2007/2008), was the result of his final project of his career and offers his particular vision of the ancient Sephardic tradition. At the end of 2009 he compiled his first three years of work on the DVD ‘ Ana Alcaide en Concierto ‘, recorded in the synagogue of the transit of Toledo. In 2012 it publishes its third album, ‘ The Cantiga of the fire ‘.

In a new line of work ‘ Tales of Pangea ‘, Ana merges her music with the Indonesian melodies, giving as fruit her latest work to date, ‘ Gotrasawala ‘.

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