german lopez

Germán López

Germán López was born in Gran Canaria in 1983. From an early age he began performing in public, being selected by various competitions for young talents.

In the year 2006 he published his first solo album: Timplissimo, produced by José Antonio Ramos, and in which musicians of the stature of Carlos Oramas, Javier Masso Caramel, the percussionist Sergio Martínez, etc., participated. Since then, Germán López has participated in the festival WOMAD, Mercat de la Música Viva de VIC, Expozaragoza… In addition to performing multiple concerts for the Canary and peninsular geography, highlighting the mythical “Café Central” in Madrid, where he presented his second album In solitary silence broken, produced by Andreas Prittwitz and with the participation of Víctor Merlo and Antonio Serrano among others. Participates in the recording of a live CD and DVD homage to Totoyo Millares, in addition to the CD and DVD The night of Jose Antonio, a tribute made to his teacher since the five years of age, Jose Antonio Ramos.

In 2011 he recorded a record with the prestigious guitarist Yul Ballesteros (Somethin’ Stupid), in which the melodies of Canarian folklore are merged with pop themes of Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sting…

In 2013 and 2014 he made a presentation Tour of his fourth root CD in addition to collaborating regularly with groups such as Mestisay ‘ ‘ and Taburiente (in search of Valentina), Luis Morera (Morera and López), Domingo El Colorao (Malpais), etc. It also participates as Canarian representative in the Womad of Cáceres and Fuerteventura 2014. He emphasizes his participation in the “opening Concert” of the Womex 2014, sharing stage and poster with musicians of the stature of Jorge Pardo, Mercedes Pawn and Budiño among others. During the 2015 he performs Concerts in Poland, Hungary or Canada.

He has collaborated with artists and bands such as Pancho Amat, Milladoiro, Trovera de Asieta, Jorge Pardo, Mestisay ‘ ‘, Celina Pereira, Sidiki diabate, Andreas Prittwitz, The Lost Fingers, Nancy Vieira and Taburiente among others. In the year 2015 he made a promotional tour of his new CD together Yul Ballesteros, Don´t Worry be Happy, in addition to carrying out a joint project with other timplistas on the relationship of Timple with his “relatives” such as cavaquinho, ukulele or charango, etc. The project is titled Timples and other small guitars in the world and has been published in CD during the same year.

Germán López Today

Currently, Germán López is focused on the international promotion of his music through his latest album, Cinnamon and Lemon, recorded with the guitarist Cadiz Antonio Toledo. This project has toured countries such as USA, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia and Germany, among others. Next year he will make a new tour of the USA and Canada as well as make the leap to the Asian continent with a tour of China.