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Luar na Lubre is without a doubt today one of the bands of reference within the Galician folk, and is that, since Mike Olfield in 1996 decided to include a version of his most popular theme “or Son do Ar” on his album “Voyager”, this training has not stopped growing and evolving musically and artistically to become one of the Celtic music groups of reference in our country.

Luar na Lubre and its more than 300,000 copies sold of the 17 discs that have published over 32 years of history, guarantee their impeccable trajectory as a group, as well as numerous prizes among which include:

-Ideal prize for the best folk group of Galicia awarded by the newspaper “El Ideal Gallego “.

-2 “Luar” awards awarded by the program “Luar ” by the TVG for best professional career and for best Galician theme.

-9 awards of music awarded by the SGAE and the “Academy of Arts and Sciences of music “

-1 Prize for Best song New musics by: “Your Gypsy”

-1 award for Best New music album by “Cabo do Mundo “

-5 awards for Best song in Galician: “Chove en Santiago “, “Camariñas “, “Devanceiros “, “Hai un paraiso “, “Canto de andar “

-Prize for the cultural promotion of the city of Coruña granted by the “Comisión de Fogueiras de San Xoán”.

-Galegas Audiovisual Award “Mestre Mateo ” For the music of his D.V. D “A forest of musics “.

-2 awards for Best traditional music album by “Miños da fin da terra ” and “Ao vivo “-

Luar Na Lubre and these musicians sink their roots in the deepest traditions of that magical country called “Gallaecia” by the Romans, and of which much of mankind believed for many centuries that in its western shores ended the world…

Not in vain is the name of Luar (Moonlight) Na Lubre (sacred forest where the Celtic Druids made their rituals), evokes the secular mysticism that pervades every corredoira, with legends as internalized in the collective subconscious as that of “The Holy Company”; Each Carballeira stamped by this orballo that we get to the soul making us feel a homesick incessant, agonizing but at the same time beautiful, disturbing but hypnotic at the same time.

Those magical places, like San Andrés de Teixido, where time seems to have stopped encapsulated by the incessant mists that arrive from the other side of the world crossing the Atlantic, that feeling of homesick that oozes for every pore of the skin when one is Lonxe da Terrine, to which many and many times Rosalía de Castro makes reference in his literary works… all these feelings materialize by listening to them, commuting to a spiritual catharsis, to a world of sensations in which the music is able to heal Any ailment of the soul.

And is that if we look back over these 32 years of travel have happened many things in the band, but still, Luar na Lubre has always managed to keep intact that essence that characterizes them. Proof of this is his latest studio album published: “Extra Mundi”, in which the band returns to drink from the rich oral traditions that make up the varied tapestry of peninsular folklore, to give a disc in which the diverse Iberian cultures are twinned with Through music.

In his extensive and excellent trajectory have been through the band several vocalists, contributing each of them with his character and style to model the sound of Luar na Lubre until today. Ana Espinosa, who was her first vocalist in the first stage of the band, had a voice with a traditional character very marked, a style that gave the songs that stale flavor of the most orthodox traditions of rural Galicia. Rosa Cedrón, who initially entered the band as a cellist, finished giving a very personal style in which the delicacy and sensibility of his voice fit masterfully with the delicious arrangements of the discs “Plenilunio” and “Cabo do Mundo”.

Later arrived the Portuguese Sara Louraço Vidal, with a style deeply linked to fado, giving the themes a particular melancholy and nostalgia. Paula Rey, singer of classic with a beautiful timbre and a delicacy in the exquisite expression contributed a degree of quality and warmth never before seen in the band. Finally joined in 2017 the young Belem chops, born in Buenos Aires but raised in Arou, a small town facing the Atlantic in the heart of Costa da Morte. It is undoubtedly the result of the new generations that have emerged as the fruit of the splendor that Celtic music had in the 90 in our country, but that has been able to swim in an intelligent way through various styles such as jazz, soul or rock by giving L The themes of Luar na Lubre are a refreshing, fresh and avant-garde character.

Likewise, the instrumental ensemble has undergone several changes since its beginnings. At first I was on guitars Daniel Cerqueiro, brother of Xan Cerqueiro, who would record with Luar na Lubre in his first three discs: O Son do Ar (1988), Beira Atlantica (1990) and Ara Solis (1993), then replaced by Daniel Sisto on the Plenilunio discs ( 1997) and Cape do Mundo (1999) and later, from Spiral (2002) onwards, by Pedro Valero, who still remains as head of the band today.

They have also changed numerous times of violinist, being Andrés Bardullas the first to held this role in the band and who recorded on the discs of Beira Atlantica (1990) and Ara Solis (1993). Later on the Discs Plenilunio (1997) and Cape do Mundo (1999) would arrive at the band, in a decisive moment for the same, Xavier Cedrón, brother of Rosa Cedrón, contributing a nourished style full of sensitivity and good taste, enriching the melodic lines in a way Masterful.

Later, starting from Spiral (2002) would take over the Cuban violinist Eduardo Coma, who can claim to have been the most time violinist who has been in the band, touring many different countries and making countless concerts along the Almost 15 years of trajectory that has been with them. The latest addition to this role is the young violinist Antía Ameixeiras, winner three years ago of a special scholarship granted by the Fundación Ananca that allowed her to turn around the United States along with Carlos Núñez as part of his band for a year. To this day, he still plays with him in some of his concerts.

Luar Na Lubre composed in 20013 the beautiful song Memory Da Noite in allusion to the sinking of the Prestige.

The percussionist Xavier Ferreiro would not join the band until the year 1999, when Luar na Lubre gives a qualitative leap with the recording of his album “Cabo Do Mundo”, perhaps one of the most transcendent discs that have been published within the vast panorama Folk that emerged in the decade of the 90, becoming one of the most awarded and recognized groups and marking the beginning of a new stage in Celtic music in our country.


Tour 2018 Luar Na Lubre

Luar na lubre conciertos 2018



Concerts 2018
10 agosto, Festival Tiétar, La Adrada, AVILA
11 agosto, Almuenza Folk, Palencia
12 agosto, Jumilla, Murcia
17 agosto, Torrelavega, Cantabria
18 agosto, Malpica.
19 agosto, Esgos, Ourense, Concerto especial con convidados
1 septiembre, II Festival Rio Sisalde Folk, Arteixo
7 septiembre, Auditorio Municipal, Cerceda
22 septiembre, A Pobra Do Brollón
28 septiembre, Auditorio Municipal Enric Granados, Lleida
29 septiembre, Valdepeñas
5 octubre, Palencia
6 octubre, Nerja
11 octubre, Vilagarcía de Arousa
13 de octubre, Mallorca
20 octubre, Musicportfestival, UK
26 octubre, Leganés
27 octubre, Miranda de Ebro
9 noviembre, Ferrol
17 noviembre, Altea
25 noviembre, Usina de Arte, Buenos Aires
27 noviembre, Montevideo, Uruguay
5 diciembre, A Coruña
14 diciembre, Lugo
28 diciembre, Audotorio de Arona, Tenerife
29 diciembre, Auditorio Alfredo Krauss, Gran Canaria

Concerts 2019
26 enero, Vigo
4 febrero, Teatro Alcalá, Madrid
23 febrero, Elche


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