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Of the first blows of Xabier Diaz in a bagpipe of bellows at the beginning of the 80 until verses for Icía (2007) Almost 30 years went by. His curiosity facilitated the arrival of experiences that happened having always the pop music (ular) in the horizon: Xacarandaina, Rumbadeira, the first works of field, an incessant teaching activity, associations, contests, competitions, etc.

Then came Nova Galega de Danza with which he participated in the shows Alento, Engado and prodiction between the years 2005 and 2009. Berrogüetto knocked at the door of Xabier at the beginning of 2008 and the trip lasted until 2014, year in which the dissolution of the band was announced. During this time they edited the albums Kosmogonías (2010) and the Pulse of the Earth (2011). They won the Academy of Music Award for Best Song in Galician (2011) and the Best folk music group in the first edition of the Galician Music Awards Martín Códax (2013), as well as the award for Best soundtrack in the Maestro Mateo awards (2014 ) with the Inevitable film.

Great companions and friends were Guadi Galego, Guillermo Fernández and Xosé Lois Romero, with whom he participated in the ACadaCanto project and with which he edited ACadaCanto (2012) and La Rosa D’Adina (2014).

Over the years, he made collaborations in discs and concerts of different artists: Carmen París, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Kepa Junquera, Guadi Galego and Os Cempés, among others. He also embarked on numerous trips to bring music to Mexico, Zimbabwe, Germany, Uruguay, Italy, Peru, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Cuba, Scotland, Ireland, etc.

In the year 2015 he edited the Tambourine Man together with the Adufeiras de Salitre, awarded as the best Galician album in The Independent Music Wool Awards (2016) and the best album in the traditional music category of the Martín Códax Awards of Galician Music (2016). He also won the prize for Best song in Galician of the first edition of the ARitmar Awards. On the other side of that, the Tambourine Man allowed him to stay in the top ten World Music charts Europe in the months of February and March 2016. Since the presentation of the Tambourine Man and with more than 70 concerts back in two years, he visited Algiers, Oslo, Lorient, Lee Chata, Glasgow, Lisbon, Madrid or Brussels.

XABIER DIAZ & ADUFEIRAS DE SALITRE started a tour along Europe to present their second album Noró. Noró arrives after the success of the Tambourine Man-one of the most sold discs of Galician music in recent years, multi-awarded (Independent Music Awards, Martín CÓDAX Awards, Aritmar, Lista de la EWMC…)-and that has a concert tour throughout Europ A. Composed of 13 songs, Noró is a tribute to the north, its people and its music, solid and ancestral, a sound portrait of the most Northern.

Nurtha, Nord, Norte… Noró, is a current review of a work of research and recovery of music coming from a Fonsagrada, Laxe, pecan de ready, Vimianzo or Quintanilla del Monte…, pieces that make up our musical DNA.

According to Xabier Díaz, “this album is like a portrait of my recent timeline, as a need to finish the carving and improve the method, as an insistence of the Tambourine Man, as if he wanted to tattoo indelible ink on the map of the last trips to get out Definitely from my confusion before I disoriented myself again. This album also serves to celebrate the balance of this small and orderly Republic Adufeira in which So many things I learn without the need for anyone to explicit them. “

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