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Capercaillie is a band from Argyll (Scotland), its name is inspired by a bird originating in that country. It was founded in the decade of 1980 by its current vocalist, Karen Matheson, in conjunction with its current husband, Donald Shaw. The band performs traditional-type songs and modern music. In addition, it is mainly characterized by the mixture of both genres, bringing typical songs from Scotland to a modern and unique sound that, according to them, “makes the music evolve” and simultaneously adapts to the current.

Capercaillie maintains its bases in the accordion of Donald and the exquisite voice of Karen, which has been considered, according to the actor Sean Connery, like one of the finest multilingual singers because “with his throat touched by God”.  The first albums of the group were cascade and Crosswinds, these presented very few modern instruments, which resulted that most of the sounds of the band were traditional and, at the same time, did not have that mixture that the Characterized.

Capercaillie began to emphasize this fusion of styles, the traditional and the modern rock, since the album of 1989 titled Sidewaulk, which impelled the band to acquire a growing fame from the nineties, reaching its top of sales with the discs Beautiful Wasteland and to the Moon, in the years 1997 and 1995 respectively.  Also, this success is linked to the three silver albums and one gold album with which the band has been recognized in the UK.

Success of Capercaillie in the decade of 1990

Capercaillie began to have a significant success at the beginning of the years 90, which coincides with the moment when the grouping began to emphasize the fusion of its traditional genera of Scotland and transform them into works of modern art. His first triumph in the music scene was when the single “Coisich A Ruin” of the album, with Prince Among Islands (1992), it was able to enter the top 40 of the best singles of the United Kingdom (UK), occupying the place number 39, this was the first time that a single Gaelic formed par Get this list.

The Scottish band has been driven by the fact of being a band that has promoted Celtic music worldwide and at the same time, for its unique fusion of Gaelic music with contemporary sound, has always sought to innovate, breaking the boundaries previously Established in both genders. It is a musical proposal that has driven them to act in more than 40 countries around the world, with tickets sold in its entirety in almost every one of these places.

Capercaillie has been formed by many members throughout his career, but for more than 20 years, these have been his vocalist and leader, Karen Matheson, with her husband Donald Shaw, who plays the accordion and plays as a pianist of the band. Currently, Capercaillie, in addition to its main members, is formed by drummer Che Baresford, percussionist David Robertson, the flute is executed by Michael McGoldrick, ManusLunny is in charge of playing the guitar and the bouzouki, the bassist Ewen Vernal and finally, the violinist Charlie McKerron.

Capercaillie at present

Capercaillie changed his style again, after his album of the year 2003 Nádurra, the extremist fusions that corresponded to his voyage in the decade of the 90 ‘s was decaying, returning to interpret songs classical Gaelic in a more smooth and harmonious way with Traditional musical instruments from Scotland.

Capercaillie has come a long way along his trajectory, has traveled from Oban High School, a Scottish school, to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Baghdad, acting in more than thirty countries, including Sudan, Iraq and Macedonia. However, for them his greatest accomplishment has been “to shape the backbone of his Gaelic inheritance into a fresh and new sound, capable of reaching the ears and hearts of people from all over the world.”

Capercaillie launched its latest album in the year 2013, the production titled at the Heart of it All was intended to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the group.  At the same time, the intent of this album is to re-visit and revitalize songs typical of the Centuries of antiquity in Scotland, these are classic popular pieces, enriched with contemporary arrangements of great importance, along with a series of guests Specials that represent the evolution of Celtic music.

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