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The Corrs are authors of great songs that have their influence on Irish music, and as you know, in Ireland, Celtic music is a tradition that has existed for centuries. Irish musicians incorporate five main instruments in their musical pieces, being Bodhrán, bagpipe, Celtic harp, violin and bouzouki the key of the most exquisite melodies, which for centuries captivated the public around the world.

On the other hand, rock is one of the musical genres most influenced by traditional Irish music, in Ireland this kind of music has had a great impact among the greatest idols for being rhythmic and vibrant. Similarly, it can be said that the style is changing according to the place, among the most famous Irish bands are: U2, the Pogues, The Dubliners and the Corrs.

The Corrs is a band formed by four brothers who combine musical genres as pop and rock with traditional Irish music. Caroline, Sharon, Andrea and Jim Corr have made great hits throughout their artistic career in the form like Dreams, Summer Sunshine, Runaway, Only When I sleep, Radio and what Can I Do?, built-in discs of which have sold more than 50 million of Copi As.

The Corrs – Beginnings

The Corrs had its beginnings in the world of alternative Irish music thanks to their parents, Gerry Corr and his wife Jean, who dedicated themselves to raising their children in Dundalk, in the north-west of the Republic of Ireland. Gerry and Jean performed versions of the Eagles or ABBA in local public places and often took their family to their performances. Growing up in a musical family had a great influence on the siblings.

Jim, Caroline, Andrea and Sharon Corr started from a very young age playing several music instruments. In relation to this, during the adolescence they built an improvised music room where they rehearse every afternoon, first Sharon and Jim began to play duet, in 1990, Caroline and Andrea joined the band whose first name was “The Cosmic egg”.

At first, the Corrs began to perform at the local McManus’s, which belonged to his uncle. Then, in 1991 they attended a casting for the film produced by director Alan Parker “The Commit Ments”, where they were heard by their first manager, John Hughes, through which they met David Foster, who was his first musical producer.

The Corrs-Artistic career

In 1994, after witnessing a performance by the Corrs in a Dublin bar, John F. Kennedy’s sister and United States Ambassador to Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith, invited them to appear at one of the events of the US Football World Cup 1994, then participated in the game S Olympic 1996 and opened one of the concerts of the Tour “Falling Into Your Tour” by the diva Céline Dion.

The Corrs came to the top of his career from 1995, when his first albums appeared “Not Forgotten” and “Forgiven”, the latter sold five million copies. Later, in 1998 they launched “Talk on Corners” and in 2004 “Borrowed Heaven”. However, they were released in the U.S. with breathless, one of the themes of his album “In Blue” (2000), where they made an important collaboration with the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz in the song “One Night”.

Then, in 2004 they performed at several charitable concerts, including 46664 from the Mandela Foundation and Prince Trust. In the year 2005, they appeared in Live 8 together with Bono and made the last releases of the band The Corrs, a production of traditional Irish songs, versioned and other with their great successes. From that moment on, two of the Corr brothers paused in their artistic career.

Jim and Caroline decided to dedicate themselves to building their own families, whereas Andrea and Sharon were launched as soloists. However, the latter two failed to obtain public recognition, although they did not receive bad reviews. Later, in 2010 Sharon performed a duet with the Spanish singer Álex Ubago for his production “Dream Of You” and in 2013 he tried again with “the Same Sun”. With Andrea, something similar happened with “Lifelines” in 2011.

The Corrs at present

It seems that the success of the Corr brothers is in the magic they achieve when they are united on stage. It should be noted that this separation is only related to the professional area, there is no distance between them as a family. After 10 years of taking different paths, during the month of April 2015 the Corrs returned to sing together but this time to dismiss his father, Gerry Corr, who died after a long illness.

From that moment, the rumor began to run that the Corrs was preparing a record to return to public life. It was in November 2015 when they released their album White Light, a reflection on life and death, “we wanted it to be something positive for people who listen,” commented during an interview for the Spanish newspaper “El País”.

Meanwhile, Sharon Corr reflected: “Back to make a record is like recording your happiness and for us this is the best of all, referring to white light, the album refers to the white light that mention those who have been about to perish and at the same time , refers to the lighting of the big scenarios.

In November 2017, the Irish Celtic music band The Corrs returned with Jupiter calling, a work done in conjunction with the American composer and producer T-Bone Burnett. On this album, Andrea Corr commented: “When we started to test the first song to the second or third shot, T-Bone told us that we already had the definitive one. We were preplejos. “

He went on to say, T-Bone explained that the charm of the moment could be lost if we repeated too much each piece and ended with a reflection: “At that time we realized that the album was going to be very special”, referring to Jupiter calling, the most recent The Corrs’s record work.

The Corrs – Discography

  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten: It is the first album of the Celtic music group The Corrs, launched in 1995 sold five million copies and was very successful in some countries of the European territory. Later, in 1996 they made the promotional tour for America, Asia and Europe. In addition, they performed at the Decembrinas concert in the Vatican City in Italy, where they were greeted by Pope John Paul II.
    The first record production of the Corrs was edited by Atlantic Records and contains great successes, including: The Right Time, Runaway and Forgiven, NotFogotten.

  • Talk on Corners: It is one of the most famous albums of the Corrs, thanks to this production they managed to position itself in the number 7 of the list in the United Kingdom and to go climbing positions until reaching the first place. However, the surprising thing was that simultaneously, “Forgiven, Not Forgotten”, was placed in the second place.

At that time, the Irish Celtic music band The Cors was the second musical group to locate two of their albums in the first and second place of the list of records in the United Kingdom, after the Beatles. Also, Talk on corners by TheCorrs is the twelfth most sold album in the Republic of Ireland.

It is noteworthy that Talk On Corners, managed to sell 11 million copies around the world and was the most sold music production in England during the year 1998.

  • The Corrs unplugged: It is a concert edited in CD and DVD formats, served to end the world Tour in Dublin from 1999 to 50000 spectators on Lansdowne Road. With this event, the Celtic music group became the second musical group to act in a stadium in the Republic of Ireland, only preceded by U2.
    Later, the Corrs made another acoustic presentation for the MTV channel in the company of the Dublin Orchestra. Among the pieces interpreted are No frontiers, REM, Everybody hurts and Radio. That year was a very busy year for the group, which culminated with a participation in the Nobel Peace Prize gala held in Oslo.
  • In Blue: The group of Celtic Music the Corr edited his third album in 2000. This helped him to make his way in the North American market thanks to the song breathless, achieving to climb to first place in 15 countries and to sell seven million copies.
  • BorrowedHeaven: Is the collection promoted by the Irish band The Corrs in 2004, was characterized by having more folk style melodies, incorporating a little more rock and have sold 2 million copies. It is a very special record production, contains songs dedicated to the mother of the brothers Corr, being these Goodbye and Angel.

  • White Light: After 10 years of absence the Corrs returns with white Light, a production published on November 27, 2015. The title of the album is inspired by the club of 27 (group of popular musicians who have died at age 27, the vast majority due to consumption of drugs and alcohol), but especially in Amy Winehouse.
    At the same time, the Corrs dedicated the song Gerry’s Reel to his father, who died during the same year. Later, in January 2016 they made a promotional tour in several countries and had a special participation in the Interceltic Festival of Lorient and in Isle of Wight.
  • Jupiter calling: Published in November 2017, it is the last album of the Irish band of Celtic music the Corrs. The promotional concert was held a month earlier in the concert hall of the Royal Albert Hall in London, one of the most important scenarios in the world characterized by having one of the best architectures in the UK.
    With regard to the promotional tour of Jupiter Calling, the official agenda is not yet published, however it is expected that this information will soon be disseminated through the Corrs Facebook page.

Biography of the members of the Corrs

Caroline Corr

Caroline Corr is a composer and percussionist, the main drummer of the Irish band The Corrs. It also contributes with the composition, the choral singing, has knowledge in piano and the Bodhrán.

He learned to play the piano with his father, Gerry Corr. As a curious fact, Caroline Corr, began to execute the Bodhrán through videos of Irish music. Likewise, in the year 2002 his effort was recognized and was awarded the award for the best musician in Ireland.

Currently, you are married to Frank Woods and together they have three children: Jake, Rihann and Georgine and are housed between Madrid and Dublin. During the 10 years the Corrs was away from the scenes, Caroline dedicated herself only to taking care of her family.

caroline corr


Jim Corr

Jim Corr is an Irish guitarist and pianist, he is the elder brother of the Corr brothers. His parents were in charge of teaching him to play instruments such as electric guitar, acoustic and classical, as well as piano and keyboard, he began in the artistic world at a very early age.

As for his intimate life, he has a 12-year-old son named Brandon Corr. During the break of the Corrs, he never left the public arena, he always used the Social media to comment on geopolitical issues in his native country.

jim corr


Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr serves as lead vocalist of The Corrs, is a singer, songwriter, actress and musician. He published his first solo album “The Feet High” In 2007, a production characterized by being away from the folk style that had characterized her until that moment, then made his second production without his brothers “Lifelines” (2011), under the signature AC Records, His own record house. Likewise, in August 2009 married Brett Desmond, together they have two children Jean of 6 years and Brett of 4, currently live in Dublin.

andrea corr


Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr is a composer, violinist and singer of The Corrs. In 2004 began his solo project, his first album was titled “Dream Of You” and integrates his own compositions, Irish instrumental music and versions of other artists. Five years later, in June 2009 he participated in festivals of the stature of Glastonbury and Isle of Wight, in which he promoted his new songs.

In 2012, VIP magazine named Sharon Corr the most elegant woman in Ireland. She is married to the lawyer, Stephen Gavin Bonnar since 2001 and has two children, Cathal Robert Gerard and florist Jean Elizabeth, 12 and 11 years respectively.

sharon corr


We would like to emphasize the emotional end of his concert at Wembley in the year 2000 with one of his most Celtic songs “Toss The Feathers “.

The Corrs forever!

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