The Rumjacks

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The Rumjacks is one of those groups that we love for the energy they give off with their Celtic rock of millions of decibels. When talking about unrecognized or unusual musical genres, it is possible to include Celtic or folk rock music in this category, a mixture of rock and some traditional or folkloric sounds typical of Celtic peoples in Western Europe. It is a nice style that has achieved great popularity in recent years.

The Rumjacks, is an Australian group that combines classic tunes from European countries, including Celtic music, with the unique sound of conventional bands. In addition, his strategy consisted of including a variety of musical styles influenced by elements of punk rock, Celtic punk and folk to achieve in record time the recognition of the public, through tours made around Australia.

Beginnings of The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks was created in 2008 by Frankie McLaughlin, who performs as a vocalist, along with bassist Jhonny McKelvey. The following year, the band released their first promotional album, an extended production (EP) titled “Hung, Drawn & Portered”. It is important to mention that from the beginning they have been characterized by frequent tours and presentations where they display a great energy

Immediately, in November 2009 the band released their second EP “Sound as a Pound”, making the Rumjacks a group whose concerts are a reference in Sydney. Also, thanks to these qualities they were able to conquer a large number of fanatics in their country of origin.

Before 2010, Frankie was co-vocalist with Will Swan who sang and co-wrote several of his EP in 2009, the latter said goodbye to The Rumjacks in 2010. After this setback, the group settled with its current members, these are: McLaughlin, McKelvey, the guitarist Gabriel Whitbourne, Adam Kenny who runs the Banyo, the mandolin and the bouzouki and drummer Anthony matters.

The Rumjacks Artistic career

The Australian group The Rumjacks has made three studio albums, these are: “Gangs of New Holland” (2010), “Sober & Godless” (2015) and “Sleepin Rough” (2016). Three successful record productions in Australia and internationally known. In addition, the band has made several tours around Europe, exhausting most of the tickets for their presentations.

After the successful video of his single “An Irish Pub Song”, included in the album “Gangs Of New Holland”.

The Rumjacks made two tours in different countries of the European continent. The first in 2015, where they included a presentation at the legendary Jarocin festival in Poland and the enigmatic Boomtown Fair UK in the UK.

Also, in 2016 the Rumjacks played in the main stages of Woodstock Poland, Mighty Sounds, Punk Rock Holiday and Lowlands Festival. At the end of that same year, the group announced its first tour of the United States, this was carried out in 2017 being a resounding success.

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