Celtic Full Moon Ritual – 20 october 2021

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Celtic full moon ritual is a very ancient ceremony that was carried out at night. You know the Celts were quite animistic and did not conceive that the gods could have human forms. That’s why they celebrated all kinds of natural phenomena around them.

Although the Celtic ritual of the full moon was not maintained, we still have many links with them. In the north of Spain and Ireland there are still many traces of this great ancient culture. Because it was in these places where the last strongholds remained before they were completely decimated.

Celtic Full Moon Ritual

In Ireland, St. Patrick was responsible for their expulsion, and in Spain they were diluted with the arrival of the Arabs, Catholicism and all the conflicts they suffered for years by some and by others invaders.

Now we are going to see a ritual that they performed at each full moon cycle and that has been especially curious to us. We know it thanks to the archaeological sites and other records that are known.

Moon energy and laurel

It is well known that the moon seems to have a special attraction for us. Its cycles affect fertility, the sick, the tides or the crops. We are also marked by the Catholic celebrations of Easter, since this religion adopted many customs from previous ones.

Many cultures like the Celtic one already knew and celebrated this energy that the moon brings to us to renew us. Besides, they gave the laurel leaves protective and purifying properties.

On the other hand, this ritual was therefore a moment of cleansing for the spirit. In which one had to leave behind the accumulated negative energies and renew oneself. Connecting at the same time with our feminine side represented by the moon.

We invite you to follow the instructions to start this ritual and also to benefit from the Celtic wisdom. Shall we start? First make sure you get all the materials and ingredients you need to do so.

What you need to perform the Celtic full moon ritual

On wednesday, october 20th, 2021, there will be a full moon and it will be the only one in the month of september. A perfect time to leave behind all that accumulated negativity and welcome the new year with pure energy. You will need the following:

– Candles to symbolize the element fire (here the color is indifferent).

– Laurel leaves.

– An indelible marker.

– Lighter or matches to light the candles.

– A plant (optional).

As the ritual is at night, we recommend two things. Have a snack and eat dinner two or three hours before you perform it, or wait without eating until you finish.

Celtic Full Moon Ritual

It is because this is a spiritual moment that you should not be satiated or have eaten recently. Many monks prefer to fast on days of meditation or when they get up and before breakfast. Because these are times when body is cleaner and mind is clear and uncluttered.

That’s why our recommendation is that you should perform the ritual at least two hours after your last meal or before it. The atmosphere should be relaxed and your body should be calm, quiet and focused. Avoid interruptions or distractions of any kind. Dedicate yourself only to yourself at this time.

Steps to perform the full moon ritual

The first thing you should do is putting on some comfortable clothes. If you feel nervous, take a relaxing bath first. When you’re ready, light the candles and decide where you’re going to sit. It’s best to sit at a table, where you will place a candle, either on the couch or on a chair. Leave the rest of the materials on the table so you have everything at hand.

You should read aloud the following:

                        “Tonight I’m going to regenerate my energy, cleanse myself of everything that dirties me to shine with my own inner light. I leave everything negative behind and open my mind again to the deep clarity. I ask the divinity to make my inner reactivation possible and I thank the beloved Universe. Today I open myself to a new beginning.”

After saying this aloud, he keeps a few minutes of silence. You can read it again if you need to. Then look carefully at the flame, calmly, without saying anything, and think about how strong your inner light is and the influence of the moon.

Take a laurel leaf for every wish you want to make. Write those wishes or requests with the marker on the leaves. But things you really want from your heart. Because it is very important that you give all credibility, strength and energy.

Carefully bring the leaves close to the flame so that they burn. But only one at a time and slowly. As they burn, feel the healing power of the full moon and all its energy. Give inner thanks to the moon goddess and her feminine power.

You will have to leave the candle burning to burn out completely during the night, so place it in a place where there is no danger. And all the little pieces of the leaves that are left, pick them up.

The next day, although you can do it on the same night, plant those laurel remains in a pot. Next to a plant you have at home or a tree in the park. This way your wishes can take root and flourish.

You must carry out the whole ritual safely, imagining the energy it leaves behind and all the new energy the moon brings. Imagine also that it is a cleaner energy that will renew you completely. And when you bury the ashes and remains of the laurel give thanks.

Everything will be fine if you believe in what you’re doing. The Celtic full moon ritual will help you feel better and you can repeat it in all the lunar cycles. Or if you prefer, only when you need it. Remember that Celtic women were strong and capable, as well as great warriors. Now you will be a little bit closer to them.

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