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Celtic Music and “Celta Digital” go hand in hand in this digital magazine where you will find all the information about Celtic and Folk Music. We relate contents of all the national and international folk panorama, in the form of a magazine and digital encyclopaedia.

We publish news about Celtic and folk music bands, concerts and festivals. Everything we publish is related to musicians or events in the Celtic, folk and traditional fields, including all its variants such as Irish Celtic music, folk rock and medieval music that will make you vibrate with emotion.

We want to encourage and promote culture through Celtic music, folk music and traditional music through the dissemination of all kinds of related information. Through our magazine we publish news, novelties, chronicles and dates of concerts and festivals.

What does Celtic music mean to us?

The first thing that comes to mind is MAGIC, union, celebration. Music is the superior, abstract, intuitive and charismatic art. We are before the only universal language that we all, no matter what country we are, understand it. That is part of the magic of Celtic music.

Music reinvents us, inspires us and we are sure that without music we would not be the same and life without music would be so empty. Music is not leisure, music is art… it is culture, it is a form of expression, it is beauty and joy, it is love.

irish celtic music

Our Philosophy:

Celtic music includes a wide variety of musical genres, traditional and contemporary, typical of Celtic peoples, located in different regions of Europe. Our magazine “Celta Digital” seeks to unify and rescue all the artistic expressions of this beautiful culture, to make known its origins and its evolution. Therefore, we are dedicated to collect all kinds of data, such as videos, information, festivals and new talents influenced by Celtic music.

How Celtic music has evolved from its beginnings to the present day, is an approach that we do in “Celta Digital“. Folk music is the basis on which this musical genre is built and refers to the pioneers of Celtic music, their traditions and those wonderful musical pieces that, although they have their origins in the Iron Age, are still heard today.

We seek to build a space for composers and exponents to promote their work. This musical genre is part of our culture and promoting it is the main objective we have set ourselves. We also have our version in Spanish.

Celtic music goes beyond what we know, in “Celta Digital” we want to show the spirit and customs, the essence and folklore of the peoples of Western Europe. We believe that this is possible through showing the evolution, because it is a bold musical genre, which has successfully merged with melodies from other borders, conquering a very important audience around the world. In “Celta Digital” we believe that it is our commitment to support and disseminate this musical content, so we want to take advantage of technology to disseminate Celtic events in Spain.