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Celta Digital is a free communication project, where passion is the base and diffusion is the objective. The digital medium is composed of a young multidisciplinary team with which we try to cover all topics that can fit within Celta Digital.

Music, Culture and Events go hand in hand with Celta Digital, where you will find related information about festivals, concerts, medieval fairs, as well as cultural events and news. We relate contents of the national and international music scene, in the form of a magazine and digital encyclopaedia. In short, we cover a wide variety of subjects, such as Music, Culture, Events, History, Celtic and Viking Mythology, Esotericism, and much more!

We want to encourage and promote culture through Celtic music, folk music and traditional music through the dissemination of all kinds of related information. Through our magazine we publish news, novelties, chronicles and dates of concerts and festivals.

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