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Celtic Women Druids and Warriors

Celtic Druid and Warrior Women

Celtic women were druids and warriors, and were part of a culture whose traces have survived to the present day. A group of communities that began to emerge in the Iron Age (from the 12th century B.C.) and that continue to fascinate us today. And, among all their figures, the role of Celtic wom...
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Norse and Viking Gods

Norse and Viking Gods

The Norse and Viking gods and their names are still very present in Europe. Norse religion and mythology has a large number of very varied male and female gods. There are even different types of gods depending on whether they are older generations of gods or more modern generations. Some of the...
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Butterflies Spiritual Significance

Butterflies and their Spiritual Significance

The significance of butterflies goes beyond their characteristics. Although they highlight the hardness in their exoskeleton, an antenna and three pairs of legs. Butterflies have had a mystical connotation since ancient times. Here we will explain some of them. Butterfly spiritual meaning The t...
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Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2022

Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK

Shrewsbury Folk Festival, in England, is an event charged with an atmosphere of positive energy where excellence is sought in every detail. Best stages, best tents, and best possible sound and lighting. Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire in the Midlands in the UK. It is an ideal event ...
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Festival des Filets Bleus 2022

Festival Des Filets Bleus 2022, Brittany, France

The Festival des Filets Bleus 2022 is celebrating its 100th edition. It is a legendary festival held in Brittany. Created in 1905, the Festival des Filets Bleus in Concarneau, which is atypical in its history and its functioning, has become a highly acclaimed musical and festive event in the Br...
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Celtic Full Moon Ritual

Celtic Full Moon Ritual – 8th November 2022

The Celtic full moon ritual is a very ancient ceremony that took place at night. You may already know that the Celts were quite animistic and did not conceive that the gods could have human forms. That is why they celebrated all kinds of natural phenomena that surrounded them. Our relationship ...
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viking women

Viking and Warrior Women

Viking women were part of a culture whose traces have reached our days. So much so that we can see it with the successful series “Vikings”. A group of Nordic communities that began to emerge from approximately 800 to 1050 (A.D.) and that continue to fascinate us today. Viking women ...
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limerick festival

The Limerick Literary Festival goes online for 2021

Enviado por: José Antonio Sierra The Limerick Literary Festival, formerly known as The Kate O’Brien Weekend, began in 1984 to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Limerick-born Kate O’Brien. The event continues to celebrate the life and works of the author, while attracting prominent part...
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free tarot reading

Free Tarot reading

Knowing that you can have free tarot in a great relief. Above all because it allows you access to an experienced tarot artist. This way you can take advantage of free clairvoyance instantly and live more peacefully. Free Tarot card reading We know how uncomfortable uncertainty can be; not knowi...
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the latin american culture

The Latin American Cultural Institute of Dublin Project, 2020

The Latin American Institute of Ireland will be established to promote and strengthen relations between Ireland and Latin America. Miércoles 07 de octubre de 2020, 16:28h 07OCT20 – MÁLAGA – ESPAÑA.-This project is an initiative of José Antonio Sierra with the aim of strengthening cultural ties ...
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celtica pipes rock

CELTICA Pipes rock, international Celtic Rock Band

We like to introduce to you CELTICA Pipes rock, international Celtic Rock Band and their 5th, brand new studio-album “ Celtic Spirits“. Band-facts -winner of the Australian Celtic Music Awards „International Artist of the Year 2019“, – in 10 year over 550 performances, in Europe from Wack...
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Vikings Symbols

Viking Symbols and Meanings

Viking symbols and their meaning show a deep expression of everything related to protection, love, superstition and religion. These symbols were used by the Nordic people who lived in Northern Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries. Most of these symbols are closely related to history. Becau...
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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day: History and Meaning

We go out every March 17th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. What at first had a religious connotation, has become a popular and multitudinous festival where the color green, clovers and beers take a leading role. Calendar celebration In many parts of the world ...
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celtic symbols

Celtic Symbols and their Meaning

Celtic symbols and their meaning still run through in Europe. People of medieval Europe who took part of this age determined what the world is like today. However, little information is still known. Of all the ancient civilisations that existed, only a few are known in depth. Celtic symbols and...
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irish pubs in madrid

10 Irish Pubs in Madrid

If you like the atmosphere of Irish pubs, you have to know the most important in Madrid (Spain), like O’Brian pub or the Dubliners, located in the heart of the capital. Immerse yourself in a different atmosphere within the city of Madrid. The most important Irish bars in Madrid We bring y...
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celtic people

Celtic people

It is very important to know what Celtic people were like, since their existence, culture and customs had a great influence on history, making us what we are today. The Celtic peoples have been little known civilizations since there is very little information about them, given that more importa...
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celtic gods

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

If we talk about the term “Celtic”, we must know that it means to the people that existed approximately in the fourth century BC, people that was located in the northwest of the European continent, near the British islands. Celtic culture and customs are very different in each of it...
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celtic galicia

Celtic Galicia and its influence today

To find Celtic Galicia you have to dive into the dark waters of history. The Celts managed to expand the influence of their culture during almost the entire Iron Age and the Iberian Peninsula did not remain alien to these Central European currents. Would you like to know how the Celts arrived i...
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Música Celta Irlandesa

Irish cultural events around Spain, autumn 2018

Irish cultural events Friday 28 September at 19.30: To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Irish leader Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare in Madrid, the Embassy is delighted to invite you to a talk at the Ambassador’s Residence (Calle Castelló, 78) delivered by Dr. Hiram Morgan (senior lecturer...
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Gerry Whelan Memorial Weekend Festival

14th Gerry Whelan Memorial Weekend – 14-16 sept 2018

A COMHALTAS CEOLTOIRI EIREANN Event to remember the late Gerry Whelan 14-16 sept, 2018 After another successful year, here we are ready to celebrate the 14th Gerry Whelan Memorial Festival. Once again there is an action packed weekend of traditional music, song and dance with lots of new and ol...
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Nuvolution – Videoclip “Skye Island”

Now we can see and listen to the new videoclip of Nuvolution – “Skye Island“, a song that from the beginning until it ends keeps you alert with influences folk, medieval and new Age. Album “Beyond the Unexpected ” Available at www.nuvolution.es/take-it Composed, pr...
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Tommy Sands

Music of the Loom – Tommy Sands

Weaving has a long connection to music, particularly in Ireland. We talked to Tommy Sands – singer, songwriter, broadcaster, and member of touring group The Sands Family – about how the rhythm of the loom is deeply engrained into folk music. When Tommy Sands was growing up on the fa...
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celtic media festival scotland

Celtic Media Festival Aviemore 2019 (Scotland)

We are very excited to announce our dates for Celtic Media Festival 2019 which will be taking place in the MacDonald Resort Aviemore from the 4th to the 6th of June. We’re also delighted to announce some very exciting news. Celtic Media Festival will once again be hosting our International Pitc...
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celtic irish music

Celtic Irish Music

We love music, we love irish celtic music, we love Ireland! Irish Celtic Music, also known as Irish folk music, is a genre of folk music what was born in Ireland. We can include this kind of music as the epicenter of all Celtic music, the mother of Celtic music. Today we have many pop ;...
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