irish pubs in madrid

10 Irish Pubs in Madrid

If you like the atmosphere of Irish pubs, you have to know the most important in Madrid (Spain), like O’Brian pub or the Dubliners, located in the heart of the capital. Immerse yourself in a different atmosphere within the city of Madrid. Tabla o índice de contenidos1 The most impo...
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celtic people

Celtic people

It is very important to know what Celtic people were like, since their existence, culture and customs had a great influence on history, making us what we are today. The Celtic peoples have been little known civilizations since there is very little information about them, given that more importa...
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celtic gods

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

If we talk about the term “Celtic”, we must know that it means to the people that existed approximately in the fourth century BC, people that was located in the northwest of the European continent, near the British islands. Celtic culture and customs are very different in each of it...
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celtic galicia

Celtic Galicia and its influence today

To find Celtic Galicia you have to dive into the dark waters of history. The Celts managed to expand the influence of their culture during almost the entire Iron Age and the Iberian Peninsula did not remain alien to these Central European currents. Would you like to know how the Celts arrived i...
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Música Celta Irlandesa

Irish cultural events around Spain, autumn 2018

Irish cultural events Friday 28 September at 19.30: To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Irish leader Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare in Madrid, the Embassy is delighted to invite you to a talk at the Ambassador’s Residence (Calle Castelló, 78) delivered by Dr. Hiram Morgan (senior lecturer...
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Gerry Whelan Memorial Weekend Festival

14th Gerry Whelan Memorial Weekend – 14-16 sept 2018

A COMHALTAS CEOLTOIRI EIREANN Event to remember the late Gerry Whelan 14-16 sept, 2018 After another successful year, here we are ready to celebrate the 14th Gerry Whelan Memorial Festival. Once again there is an action packed weekend of traditional music, song and dance with lots of new and ol...
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Nuvolution – Videoclip “Skye Island”

Now we can see and listen to the new videoclip of Nuvolution – “Skye Island“, a song that from the beginning until it ends keeps you alert with influences folk, medieval and new Age. Album “Beyond the Unexpected ” Available at Composed, pr...
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